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    What is Wysa?

    Wysa is an AI-based ‘emotionally intelligent’ bot, a virtual coach which responds to the emotions you express and uses evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), DBT, meditation, breathing, yoga, motivational interviewing and micro-actions to help you build mental resilience skills and feel better.

    What can Wysa and Wysa coaches help and not help with?

    Wysa can help you manage your emotions and thoughts. Wysa helps you track your sleep and activity and proactively engages with you. You can type ‘Help’ anywhere in the conversation to see all the things Wysa can help you with.


    Wysa is not designed to assist with crises such as abuse, severe mental health conditions that may cause feelings of suicide, harm to self and any other medical emergencies. In any of these cases and otherwise, Wysa cannot and will not offer medical or clinical advice. It can only suggest that users seek advanced and professional medical help.

    How - and why - does Wysa work?

    Wysa is the result of a year-long co-design effort between a 15-people team of psychologists, designers, developers and over 500,000 users to understand how AI chat can help us learn skills to build emotional resilience.


    We learnt two important things. First, that privacy is key. So, we decided that all Wysa chats will be anonymous. Second, that people don’t want their problems ‘fixed’. Mostly, they just want to talk through them, with someone who doesn’t judge.


    An AI-based chat platform can be great for those 4 am conversations. We all have a dark place, and have feelings we don’t share with anyone else. Talking to Wysa about these gives us the confidence to reach out for help when we’re ready - from friends, family or therapist.


    Ten hours of in-person therapy are rarely enough to break long held thought-patterns. In addition to building skills, AI-based conversations are also an easy, private way to practice these skills when learnt in therapy.

    Is Wysa a human or a robot?​

    The answer is... both! Wysa is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, it’s a pocket penguin which learns and grows wiser with you. Wysa Coaches are humans, they are professionals trained to listen, support and encourage you.

    Together with Wysa, coaches will support you in achieving your defined goals. However, Wysa is restricted in the means of response and the intended usage is as an early intervention tool. Wysa cannot and will not offer advice on unrecognizable issues.

    Is it free to use Wysa?



    Talking to Wysa is free, including tools offered in chat. For sustainability, we charge for a premium version with 'convenient features'

    (eg. direct access to tools), as well as Wysa Coach Services (direct access to experience mental wellness professionals). We do not believe in and hence do not use advertising as an option.

    Who is Wysa designed to help?

    People from more than 30 countries across the world and from many age groups talk with Wysa. Our current user base is 500,000+ strong, growing rapidly and with some great user reviews. However, if you are less than 18 years of age, please read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy along with your parent or legal guardian to understand eligibility before use. Wysa is not to be used by children under 13 years.

    What is the science behind the suggested techniques?

    Wysa uses evidence-based techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which are suggested and approved by professional psychologists at Wysa for use in a self-help context, and by our scientific advisory board comprising of leading mental health professionals from around the world. Wysa app including but not limited to its content, images, videos, tools and techniques get reviewed and approved by our qualified psychologists and safety professionals and the updates are released as part of our bi-weekly development process. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional before making any major changes in levels of physical activity or if you have a medical condition. Do not use physical activity based tools if you are suffering from back problems, Blood Pressure, Hernia or any other medical conditions.

    Who can talk to a Wysa coach?

    You will need to be at least 18 years of age and authorized to sign an agreement and provide informed consent on behalf of yourselves before talking to a Wysa Coach.




    If you are on an institution (employer, school, university, insurance, etc) version of Wysa, Wysa coach maybe replaced by your Institution's own support mechanisms.



    What is an institution version of Wysa?

    Wysa has partnerships with institutions (employer, school, university, insurance, etc), to subsidize your cost of access to Wysa services. During your initial conversation with Wysa, this would have been discussed. You would also find you have access to all premium tools, although you have not directly paid for these services.


    The partnership may also include full or subsidized access to Wysa Coach. In some of these partnerships, we may replace Wysa Coach with another service provider (in which case please refer to the documentation of your institution service provider)


    Our commitment to your privacy stays the same. As an Institute user, some population-level data may be shared with the Intent to help the partner understand the mental wellbeing of their organization. However the basic tenet is anonymity, and data should not be possible to link/attribute to an individual, either within Wysa or by the partner.


    Privacy and data sharing

    Is my data private?

    Yes. Wysa does not request nor collect your Personal Identifiable Information (including but not limited to email address, mobile numbers, or social logins). Please do not share any personal information that directly or indirectly identifies you at any time during your use of our service such as while in conversation with Wysa or with a Wysa Coach. All conversations with Wysa and Wysa Coaches are private and not shared with anyone. If you use Wysa within our partner ecosystem, then anonymized and summarized information is exchanged, but ONLY with the intent of enhancing your experience. The details of your conversations are never shared with any external parties outside Wysa, including any partners.

    Do I have to use real names?

    No, not really. You don’t have to use your real name. Instead, we recommend that you use a dummy name or a nickname in your conversations with either Wysa or with a Wysa coach. Call yourself Superman, Wonder Woman…or Yoda even. (Safe your data will be.)

    Who can read and use my messages?

    Only Wysa. The Wysa team occasionally uses some messages, which are anonymous, to train Wysa to help improve its ability to have conversations. Any identity specific data is removed, so no-one can ever know who said what. Also, no-one outside of Wysa will ever have access to chat messages without your explicit consent.

    How will my conversations and responses to assessments be used?

    Your conversations and assessment responses are anonymous, and sometimes used to improve Wysa’s ability to understand you better and ways to enhance your experience.

    What security measures are taken?​

    Wysa uses industry-standard safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to information and we are working towards extending data security to a best-in-class level by selecting partners who will be compliant under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other applicable privacy and security laws. On the phone, you can set a PIN from the settings inside your Wysa app to ensure only you can see your chats with Wysa.

    Where do you store my data? Is it safe?

    Your information is anonymized, processed and stored on secure servers, physically located in different countries around the world.

    I need access to my past conversations, can I?​

    Yes, you can save your conversations with Wysa that helped you and access it any time. You can always send the Wysa team a written request at hello@wysa.ai to confirm, correct, block or delete any personal information.

    Whom to contact if I have additional questions, concerns or comments?​

    You can read our Privacy Policy and if you still need to talk to the Wysa team, please send us an email at hello@wysa.ai.


    Coach FAQ

    What is Wysa coach service?

    Coach service allows you to chat with a Wysa coach. The service provides for empathetic and non-judgmental support from trained professionals to help you ace through emotional hurdles and current concerns to reach your goals. Your coach will listen to your worries empathetically and support you in making successful lifestyle changes, so that you can manage your situation better and build emotional resilience. ​Wysa coach service is not a crisis or emergency assistance service. If you are facing any crisis such as suicidal thoughts, harm to self and others or any emergencies, please call the relevant emergency or crisis number in your country immediately. For example, you can find your country-specific suicide emergency number at: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html


    For users on an institution version of Wysa integrated with another coach service, please refer to the documentation provided by your intuition service provider.





    How old do I have to be to talk to a Wysa Coach?


    You need to be 18 years or older to talk to a Wysa coach. Wysa Coach service is not to be used by children under the age of 13 years. If you are younger than 18, please read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy along with your parent or legal guardian to understand eligibility before use.


    Who are Wysa coaches?


    Wysa Coaches are highly trained professionals who have a combined four decades of experience in the field of mental and emotional health, and are affiliated with leading organisations such as APA (US) and BACP (UK).


    Do coaches provide psychological counselling, psychotherapy or treatment?


    Wysa coaches will listen to you, support you and guide you in achieving your emotional wellness goals and resilience skills. They will not provide counselling, therapy or treatment. Wysa coaches will not offer medical or clinical advice either. They can only suggest that user seek advanced (medical) help outside of Wysa. Please read the Terms of Service to know more about the coach service.


    For users on an institution version of Wysa integrated with another coach service, please refer to the documentation provided by your institution service provider.


    I am going through a crisis or emergency situation. Will Wysa coaches help me?


    Wysa Coach is not a crisis or emergency assistance service. If you are facing crisis such or suicidal thoughts, harm to self and others or any emergencies, please call the relevant emergency or crisis number in your country immediately. For example, you can find your country-specific suicide emergency number at: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html


    Once I signup, will I have the same coach?


    Yes. You will be assigned to a dedicated coach the first time you book a coach session. In case your assigned coach is not available due to unforeseeable reasons, you have the option to either speak with another coach or to reschedule your session with your assigned coach.


    What is a coach session?


    A session is a 30 mins scheduled live text-based messaging with your assigned coach. All communication with your assigned coach is only through text-based messaging and from the coach interface within the Wysa app.

    Will the coach respond to me in real time?


    Scheduled sessions provide you with 30 mins of real-time messaging with your assigned coach. For all other messages, the Wysa coach will try to respond to your messages as soon as possible and within 24 hours at the most.

    Can my coach access my chats with Wysa bot?


    You have the right to share details of your activity on Wysa with your coach by going to the “Unauthorize / Authorize Coach” feature in the More > Settings section of the app. You can also opt-in or opt-out of sharing your Wysa messages by typing #sharechat in Wysa bot.

    Can I change my assigned coach?


    In case you feel there’s a gap in the coaching relationship or feel unheard by your coach or if there’s an issue with session timings with your coach, then you could request for a change of coach by writing to hello@wysa.ai

    What happens in a typical session?


    In a typical session, you and your coach will have a focused goal directed discussion on a preset agenda or any other concerns that you bring to the session. You would also be discussing any potential hurdles in reaching your goals or doing an assigned homework.

    How do I book a coach session?


    When you subscribe to a coach service, you get to book your first session using the coach session scheduler. Here, you get to see available session timeslots for your chosen day. You can choose your preferred date and time and make a booking. All subsequent sessions with your assigned coach can be booked by clicking the “i” icon on the top right of your coach interface and selecting “sessions”.

    How many sessions can I book at a time?


    You can book only one session at a time. If you try to book another session the earlier booked session will automatically be replaced by the new booking.

    How many sessions will I get in a subsciption?


    The number of sessions that you can book during the subscription period is entirely up to you. You can book a session with your assigned coach every 48 hrs.

    Can I cancel or reschedule a booked session?


    You can cancel or reschedule a booked session anytime before 3 hrs to start of the scheduled session. No cancellation or rescheduling will be allowed within 3 hrs or after a session begins.

    Will I get a reminder for my booked session?


    Yes. You will receive a reminder notification of your booked session from Wysa on your mobile device. You will receive this notification 30 mins prior to start of session. Please enable receiving notification from Wysa to receive your scheduled reminders.

    What happens if there is a crisis or a personal emergency and I miss a booked session?


    If you missed attending or cancelling or rescheduling a booked session due to any reason, that particular session will automatically lapse. But not to worry, you can always make a fresh booking by choosing the next available date & time with your coach.


    What do I get to do after a session?

    After a session, you would be practicing any strategies, such as a thought diary or a mindfulness based exercise, as assigned by your coach. You can keep journaling or logging your thoughts, feelings, success or hurdles between booked sessions. Your coach will read and respond to your logs daily.

    What is Journalling with a Wysa Coach?


    Journaling would mean:


    1) Using the coach interface platform to vent out your feelings or thoughts. It would also be used to share/log in anything you wish for the coach to be aware of to help you move on with your goals.


    2) It could also involve logging in thoughts/feelings/mood changes as a part of the homework or to do weekly task shared with you.


    3) The coach will provide feedback on what you share with suggestions to enhance any positive streaks and to cope with any negative events, as well to leave you with more questions to self-reflect and manage your emotions.

    Can I access all the premium tools that are available in the app with the coach subscription?


    Yes, you get access to all the premium tools during the subscription period.

    My local time shown in the session scheduler is incorrect. How do I fix this?


    You will need to type #time in the Wysa app to make changes to your local time before proceeding to book a coach session.

    How do I cancel my subscription?


    Unfortunately, we can't cancel your subscription for you. These are managed through Google Play and iTunes depending on which type of phone you may possess. Please see the appropriate section for canceling your subscription below:


    Google Play
    If you are using an android phone, please follow the below steps.
    1. Open Google Play
    2. Go to My Apps
    3. Select subscriptions
    4. Select Wysa
    5. Cancel subscription


    Read google play guidance here: support.google.com


    Apple iTunes
    If you are using iPhone, please follow the below steps.
    1. Go to your device’s settings
    2. Click iTunes & App Store
    3. Click on the Apple ID at the top
    4. Click on View Apple ID.
    (You might need to use Touch ID to authenticate)
    4. Click on Subscriptions and then choose Wysa
    5. Click on Cancel Subscription at the bottom


    Read iTunes guidance here: support.apple.com

    Can I get a refund?


    In case you have done an accidental purchase kindly write to us at hello@wysa.ai within the first week of the purchase and we will help you out.

    I have questions regarding subscription or on sessions. Who do I ask?


    In case you have any queries regarding subscriptions or about sessions, you can write to us at hello@wysa.ai

    Why can't I see the Wysa Coach?

    If you are on an Institute (employer, school, university, insurance, etc) version of Wysa, Wysa coach maybe replaced by your institution's own support mechanisms.


    In this case, should you want Wysa coach, you would have to relinquish the benefits of your institution version. You can then start Wysa again and choose to enroll with the Wysa coach.


    To relinquish your institution benefits, reset your data (found under settings in the Wysa app), and then start over.


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