Client Stories

"Wysa’s explainable AI – combining natural language understanding with clinical assurance – helps everyone build skills to manage their mental health in the new normal.”

Moez Kaderali

Program Manager

Google Assistant Investments Program

"We have long believed that mental well-being should be treated as seriously as physical health. By accelerating our relationship with Wysa, we are providing early mental well-being support at scale and, through this, hope to alleviate some of the pressure people are feeling during this incredibly challenging time."

Richard di Benedetto


Aetna International

"These self-help techniques are important because anxiety is common among the population. Unfortunately, anxiety often goes undiagnosed, and then untreated for long periods of time."

Dr. Mike Sorter

Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Cincinatti Children's Hospital

"We are often inundated with information when all we really need is a chance to be listened to. Think of this as a constant companion and trusted friend, who listens to us and guides us through our challenges in a privacy-preserving & non-judgmental manner. If needed, it will guide us on how to reach out for help."

Dr. Robert Morris

Chief Technology Strategist

Ministry of Health Transformation Office, Govt. of Singapore