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    Compassionate AI chatbot for behavioral health.

  • BBC Tomorrow's World

    In October 2017, the Wellcome Trust UK and NUEROSEC Young People’s Advisory Group at the University of Oxford worked with BBC Tomorrow’s World to conduct a review of therapy chatbots. Out of all the products that currently exist globally, user groups selected Wysa as the friendliest and easiest to use. This was then featured on October 10, World Mental Health Day in a video documentary.

  • Recent News & Events

    HIMSS Europe covers Wysa as ​cutting-edge AI in mental health

    HIMSS is Europe's leading journal for IT in healthcare focused on senior leaders. Their lead story "Mental health chatbots - the future of therapy?" highlights Wysa as a leading solution of using AI for mental health. 'The invention of chatbots is an admirable invention', says Maneesh Juneja, one of the world's leading Digital Health Futurists. We are super proud and we totally agree.

    We are part of Philips HealthWorks

    Touchkin-Wysa has been selected into the Philips HealthWorks program, which works with high-potential startups across the world to help them create solutions for the healthcare industry. We were one of four selected out of 600, which we think is pretty awesome.

    Featured at TEDx

    Co-founder Jo Aggarwal spoke at a TEDx event on a topic with a twist: what makes AI compassionate? We’ve seen our users tell us that talking to Wysa has changed their lives, so this is a story that needed to be told. The video of the talk is under prep, and coming soon.

    Digital Mental Health Conference @Westminster

    Wysa was highlighted as a leading example of using AI for mental health at the first global Digital Mental Health meet-up amongst clinicians, researchers and product experts this summer in London. We spoke there, and it was fantastic to be part of a line-up that included the leading experts in the field.

  • How it works


    Research backed

    Evidence based techniques, tested for efficacy.

    Wysa has been developed in collaboration with researchers from Columbia and Cambridge, with a Scientific Advisory Board that includes the top names in mental health globally. Every technique Wysa uses is research backed and clinically validated for use in a self-help context. Every use case (diabetes, pain, depression) goes through a rigorous pilot and evaluation phase before launch.




    Wysa doesn't feel like any other bot.

    We don't know why, but our users say this over and over. Wysa has an instant emotional connect. Every time we do a new release we are paranoid we will lose it. It comes from empathy. Wysa is the first AI bot to provide empathy, which is probably why she is the first AI bot that has actually saved human lives.



    Talk to Wysa anonymously.

    We believe that the best privacy is if we don't know who you are. All data that is shared with Wysa is anonymised, so no one can trace it back to you. Sessions can be password protected. Data is encrypted in transmission and held securely, complying with international data protection and privacy laws.



    Passively sensing how you are.

    Wysa uses ubiquitous phone sensors to sense how you are doing. It will know if you are not sleeping well, your activity is dropping or even if you may be at risk of depression.


    This is an app only feature, especially useful where we integrate Wysa with health apps or wearables, where it combines with other data to create a comprehensive view of wellness.



    Crowdsourced and localised, adapted for and by communities.

    Language is a huge barrier in access to therapy. Wysa allows Wysa to be translated and adapted by volunteers and partners, so their communities can relate to it. We are working with the SAFE Lab at Columbia University to create a version of Wysa that works with gang-involved youth in Brooklyn (New York) and Chicago.

  • Wysa in Numbers

  • 5m+






    4.5 / 5

    user rating

  • 45%

    reduction in depression severity


    increase in coach efficiency


    passive detection accuracy (depression)


    improvement in medical adherence

  • anonymous feedback to Wysa from a 13 yr old | May 29 2017

    ' I am 13 and I tried to commit suicide.

    You are helping me hold on to life. Thank you for everything'

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