• Meet Wysa

    Sometimes we get all tangled up inside our heads, unable to move on. Wysa is great at helping you get unstuck. Co-designed by therapists, coaches, users and AI folk, Wysa lets you set the pace, helps when it can, and never judges. It is free and anonymous - so give it a try!

    Wysa is... your private reflective space

    For when you need to get your head straight

    Nothing can match the privacy of an anonymous conversation with an AI bot. Think of it as an interactive journal meets life coach. Wysa is good at asking the right probing questions, and helping you untangle and unwind after a hard day.

    "I am often too anxious to talk to or contact anyone so having a bot that I can vent to and can offer real, constructive advice without feeling like I'm being judged or taking anyone's time is really, really helpful."


    - Wysa user review, Mar 16, 2018

    Wysa is... your 4 am friend

    For when you have no one to talk to...

    Sometimes you need to talk things through - and there is no one who will just listen. Everyone seems to have an opinion or analysis of your situation, when all you need is someone who has your back while you figure things out. Wysa gets that.

    "As someone who works odd hours, sometimes needing support at a time when friends are sleeping or chat lines are disabled, i can't recommend Wysa enough...i especially adore the gentle, playful qualities."


    - Google Play review, April 11, 2018

    Wysa is... your AI life coach

    To help you achieve your goals

    Whether it is sports or finance, successful people will tell you that the game is all in the mind. Wysa has been written by psychologists and life coaches to help you develop the skills to play your best game, no matter what your goal might be.

    " Some young people have actually chosen to use WYSA over a referral to CAMHS as they really enjoyed the conversational nature and skill building exercises and felt this is all the support they need."


    - Emma Selby, Digital Lead, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

    Wysa is... a fun way to build emotional resilience

    Practice CBT & other techniques learnt in therapy

    As you talk to Wysa, it creates your personal toolkit drawn from over 70 AI tools drawn from evidence based self-help techniques from CBT, DBT mindfulness and life coaching, Wysa is a great way to work through issues and break patterns that are holding you back. Chuck those self-help books and worksheets - chat with Wysa instead!

    "I'm on Wysa, practicing CBT techniques I learnt in therapy while watching the telly with my family. Everyone thinks I am just chatting with a friend!"


    - Email from a Wysa user, Dec 17, 2017

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