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    As you probably know, the best things in life seem to happen when one is trying to do something else. That’s what happened to us with Wysa. This was a side project - we were at that time building machine learning models to detect depression, using sensor feeds from the phone.


    The detection model worked technically - with a 90% accuracy - but only 1 in 30 people actually took help from a therapist. However, the chatbot, which we had only built as a wrapper app for the sensor code, turned out to be really popular. I began to wonder what would happen if we helped people learn the skills to build emotional resilience using a simple conversation around their own situation. As we built it, we realised - everyone could use these skills.


    Wysa sort of built itself from there. Wysa's has been driven by its users more than anyone else. Over the last two years , this has grown over word of mouth alone to a million users. Over 60 psychologists and 15,000 users have provided specific inputs to shape how Wysa helps them. 65 users have volunteered to help us translate Wysa into their language.


    We have learnt a lot during this journey. We learnt that privacy is key - so Wysa is and will always stay anonymous. Users didn’t want Wysa to feel too much like an app, or to offer too much advice - most of the time they just wanted to be heard, so we worked hard on building Wysa's ability to listen. We found that the NHS had found Wysa useful for early support in children, so we are now building a parent coaching and anti-bullying program with a NHS mental health nurse.


    Researchers and psychologists from all over the world helped us keep things scientific and evidence-based. People who use Wysa are sensitive and vulnerable - we're conscious of that responsibility and would love to talk you through how we manage it.


    We hope you'll try Wysa, and help us spread the word.

    We've put together a press kit that may help. Or, just contact us at [email protected]


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    Wysa is friends with Google!

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    Wysa was one of 10 startups to get selected for Google Launchpad India. We received some awesome mentorship and support from the best of Google in AI/ML, Cloud, UX, Android, Web, Product Strategy and Marketing.

    Wysa's co-founder, Jo Aggarwal co-hosts #SocialForGood Liveathon with Priyanka Chopra on Facebook

    Facebook brought together opinion leaders and experts passionate about mental health in their first ever #SocialForGood Liveathon, which was viewed by more than 7 million people. We were so happy! 

    HIMSS Europe covers Wysa as cutting-edge AI in providing mental advice for those in need

    HIMSS is Europe's leading journal for IT in healthcare focused on senior leaders. Their lead story "Mental health chatbots - the future of therapy?" highlights Wysa as a leading solution of using AI for mental health. 'The invention of chatbots is an admirable invention', says Maneesh Juneja, one of the world's leading Digital Health Futurists. We are super proud and we totally agree.

    Wysa is part of Philips HealthWorks

    Touchkin-Wysa was selected into the Philips HealthWorks program, which works with high-potential startups across the world to help them create solutions for the healthcare industry. We were one of four selected out of 600, which is pretty awesome.

    Featured at TEDx

    Co-founder Jo Aggarwal spoke at a TEDx event on a topic with a twist: what makes AI compassionate? We’ve seen our users tell us that talking to Wysa has changed their lives, so this is a story that needed to be told.

    Digital Mental Health Conference @Westminster

    Wysa was highlighted as a leading example of using AI for mental health at the first global Digital Mental Health meet-up amongst clinicians, researchers and product experts this summer in London. We spoke there, and it was fantastic to be part of a line-up that included the leading experts in the field.

    We're live on Product Hunt!

    We're the #3 app of the day on the world's leading product launch and discovery platform - and nominated for their annual award too! Show us your love and support by leaving feedback here.

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